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Automated Production, Manual Perfection

With the combined expertise of traditional hand craftsmanship and software-controlled high-tech production, LÖWE Fenster in Kleinwallstadt, Germany, produces innovative, secure, and high-quality windows and doors. As a committed end customer supplier, this owner-operated company places special value on reliable service. Managing Director Leo Löffler joined this family-owned company in 1984 becoming the third generation to lead the company. He and the entire LÖWE team are convinced that top-quality products can only be created in close cooperation with expert technology partners. With A+W, he makes no compromises!

At LÖWE there is practically no production workstation that is not integrated into the networked production. Here, for example, the worker is using an A+W Cantor CIM-monitor.

According to Business Manager Ralf Klein, "The efficiency of the A+W Cantor software is very high, and the process flows are also very efficient."

LÖWE supplies customers within a radius of around 100 km, which also includes the entire Rhine-Main region. In total, this company in Kleinwallstadt has more than 35,000 customers, approximately 70 % of these are individual home builders. Another important customer segment is developers, many of whom have worked with LÖWE for years.

Ten well-organized LÖWE installation teams ensure that even the most demanding products and oversized elements are installed professionally and quickly. With more than 70 employees, LÖWE is an important employer in the region and, thanks to its training program, it attracts a steady stream of junior employees.

The trademarked sympathetic lion embodies value and is consistently seen throughout the region including company vehicles, posters, TV advertisements, online ads, and sport sponsorships. This high profile ensures the company known throughout the region.

Attractive showrooms at two company locations in Kleinwallstadt and in Rödermark offer prospective customers a wealth of design possibilities. They provide insight into the company’s unique product spectrum and allow properties, such as the quality of profile surfaces, hardware, and the high-quality security equipment, to become "palpable". In the surrounding area area, LÖWE is the only certified manufacturer of burglary-resistant PVC windows and window doors to be included in the manufacturers’ index of the police criminal prevention commission. Resistance class RC 1 N is a LÖWE standard since 2013.

State-of-the-art system technology – intelligent process control

“High-quality products,” explains Managing Director Leo Löffler, “can only be produced in cleverly organized, networked production environments using the best technologies.” Controlled by state-of-the-art industry software, LÖWE production uses only premium machine technology, usually produced by Rotox.

In sticking with technology throughout the facility, A+W Cantor’s production monitors and barcode scanners reliably deliver the right information at the right time, triggering real-time status messages and automatically initiating processes throughout production. The barcode labels include all the data necessary to handle all production processes reliably and quickly. This all leads to a facility that is paperless.

LÖWE networks all production with A+W Cantor Production planning and control systems, a powerful, database-based solution that smooths out production utilizing a comprehensive approach including delivery, storage of the profiles, hardware, and shipping control. In addition to networked control of all machines, A+W Cantor Production continuously tracks and manages information at each workstation, either automatic or manual. Integrated materials management ensures that even during order entry, it is clear whether all required production parts are in stock or whether a re-order is necessary. This leads to a smooth production flow and an accurate forecast of the delivery date. Since the introduction of A+W Cantor, it is protocol for the LÖWE production employees to have all parts available.

Smart assembly thanks to networked production: After scanning the barcode label when a finished frame arrives, the appropriate sash is indicated by a light signal on the sash buffer.

Glazing: This employee uses a barcode scanner to read the information about the rack and rack slot. At the same time, the glazing status is reported to A+W Cantor CIM system.

Unlike before when the EDP system looked first and foremost at individual machines, today the EDP systems look at all interactions between the machines, transport lines and buffers, and manual workstations. This allows most products to be produced automatically and intelligently controlled through production. Frame and glass buffers channel the components in real time to assembly and glazing through the use of a barcoding system. Due to the efficiency of the barcoding system, no employee carries stacks of paper or material through the production hall. Even at manual processing stations, information is provided by A+W Cantor CIM monitors, where true-to-scale graphics help the workers with manual steps. According to Business Manager Ralf Klein, "Today, we have no workstations without a direct machine connection or A+W Cantor CIM workstation."

Production control is coupled seamlessly with the A+W Cantor Enterprise system, the business aspect of this comprehensive ERP solution. All job data is available across the company shortly after order entry. Status reports are sent from production to the A+W Cantor Enterprise system to ensure maximum transparency. Control instructions for production are transferred from the Enterprise system in real time, which means individual production users see only what is needed for their work. Thanks to this high-tech system, each workstation can be individually configured.

The feasibility check: Can this be built?

In 2009, Leo Löffler decided to replace older software that had reached its limits with the comprehensive A+W Cantor solution. The change brought many advantages. Yet, if you ask Leo Löffler and Ralf Klein what led to the decision, they will say that it was the integrated feasibility checks built into A+W Cantor. "Again and again," according to Klein, "employees used to come to me shaking their heads, telling me that items entered could not be built. We couldn’t go on like that any longer, and it changed suddenly with the introduction of A+W Cantor. The integrated automatic feasibility checks are absolutely secure – assuming that the master data has been created correctly. This requires some effort during implementation. But for this, you are rewarded with intelligent functionalities that save a lot of time and money."

Top of class, not cheap goods

In its core market with the critical sales region Rhine-Main, LÖWE Fenster enjoys an outstanding reputation as a premium supplier that provides top quality, expert advice, and perfect service. Its success has proven that this company was correct when it stated that demanding customers rely on the security that the regionally-oriented company offers even years after installation (e. g., for maintenance and repairs).

An expert, experienced employee team that is open to high-tech production processes and consistently uses state-of-the-art industry software offers the best prerequisites for succeeding in the current difficult market, both now and in the future. Leo Löffler declares, "You’d look in vain for cheap goods here. We offer the highest quality at fair prices, and our customers know how to appreciate that!"

(L - R): Ralf Klein, Business Manager LÖWE Fenster; Nicole Dießel, A+W Cantor Sales; Leo Löffler, Managing Director LÖWE Fenster


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At LÖWE Fenster in Kleinwallstadt: More than 70 expert employees produce windows and doors of the highest quality on state-of-the-art systems.

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