Are you still "looking for stuff" or are you already working?

Intelligent Organization for Construction Element Manufacturers

Where is item seven from Smith's order? Have all of the red profiles ordered arrived? Will all the windows be delivered to Parker's construction site today? Is the delivery for customer Williams already loaded on the truck or is it still being picked?

These are questions that you and your employees ask every day. Unfortunately, the answers are not always easy to find, and you lose valuable work time "looking for stuff."

In an integrated, consistent industry software such as A + W Cantor, the manufacturing status of each element is also known at all times in order processing, since all company divi-sions work on the same database

Construction site office

End customers and dealers always want to be informed about the current status of their orders. This is why valuable capacities are taken up by many phone calls each day. In most cases, employees in sales and order processing can only give customers an approximate idea since they cannot see at a glance where the order currently is. And sometimes, in case of an order change, it is necessary to check directly in production "whether it's still possible" - a time and cost-intensive process.

Construction site production

Maximum transparency through net-worked production: every piece of information is available where it is needed.

If you take a look at production operations for window construction, you will find astonishingly different organizational structures. Some operations still don't use bar codes and computer monitors in the warehouse, production, and shipping, and they use the classic worksheet (BOM) as an information medium. Others have set up monitor systems more or less throughout, and a few already use monitors everywhere instead of production papers and shipping documents.

Doubtless, the implementation of networked production in an operation is a milestone on the path toward efficient work. This begins with work preparation, where many companies must print, sort, and distribute mountains of paper every day. The problem here is less print costs than personnel costs for handling, delay and disturbances in flows due to outdated information and control processes, and restricted possibilities for being able to react promptly to a situation.

This is why optimal data flow in production encompasses far more than the forwarding of print output to display production information on workstations. The A+W CANTOR CIM software package for production and dispatch goes far beyond this approach. Goods flow control, dispatch organization, intelligent buffer management, activation of automatic distribution systems, assignment of production lines and workstations are functions that significantly improve efficiency in production, especially when combined with optimal data flow. Optimal data flow results in a significant reduction of production costs. In the current market situation, this provides a crucial competitive edge for manufacturers of windows and doors.

An overview from the very beginning

Everything that is required for an outstanding end product, for its sales channel, production with all aspects and delivery to the customer, should be integrated into a comprehensive software solution. Practically-oriented, comprehensive industry software always shows you where your windows are at the moment - in the management process and in production. Search times are reduced – which saves time and money. The most important advantages:

The most important advantages:

  1. Significantly improved Adherence to delivery dates – satisfied customers
  2. Shortening of the Throughput times
  3. Reduction of Inventories
  4. Realistic Delivery date promises
  5. Great transparency
  6. Reduced personnel and production costs
  7. Better profit margins

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