Converge Day 1 Wrap Up


What a great way to start Converge 2019 with the warmest day of the year in Chicago! From the beginning, customers and A+W employees contributed to lively discussions, thought-provoking questions, and in-depth learning from industry experts with over 250+ years of industry knowledge present.

One of the more thought-provoking questions/discussions happened during the breakout session about business processes, including inventory feedback, client credit limits, and a sales tax interface. The ability of A+W's software to add sales tax, for example, to a BOM can reduce employee time, thus freeing them to complete other important work tasks. These nuances about the software were invaluable to learn about, according to several attendees. According to one customer, “we all know the software, but we don’t know all of the nuances/tips, which is what makes attending the User Conference so valuable.”

Another session, which encouraged a lot of discussion, was Smart Builder’s about eliminating order entry with Showers Online. Many A+W customers design and fabricate shower doors, which is why we have partnered with Smart Builder ( to help our customers connect from C.R. Laurence to A+W Production to eliminate double entry of information.

Additionally, A+W Software would like to thank Glass Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Katy Devlin, for attending. We hope you gained deeper insight into A+W's software, and our solutions surrounding Industry 4.0, such as data storage limits on a local server.

After a great day of learning, it was time to let loose and spend time talking with other attendees of Converge. With over 350 people attending the first night festivities, a great time was had by all, whether business discussions flowed over form earlier in the day or the subject completely changed to recent or upcoming vacations.

Thank you for a great Day 1. We look forward to learning more on Tuesday, Day 2.