A+W Cantor Release Information Event:

A+W Cantor "Business School" Attracts 50 Customers

Approximately fifty A+W Cantor users attended the A+W Cantor Release Information Event at the end of November. It was one of the most important events presented as part of the A+W Cantor Business School (CBS). At this annual event, the A+W Cantor development team presents details of the latest features of the current release to managers, IT managers, and other users.

This event, which is always well-attended, also motivates participants to apply the updates promptly and start using the latest functions – for people prefer using something with which they're already familiar.

However, the release event is also a platform where customers can formulate desires and express criticism: "We want that," declares A+W Cantor Development manager Jessica Renno, "for if we learn where the real problems lie, we can take this into consideration in our developments. Participants in this event are experts, and they often provide constructive input."

Many modules, such as Materials Management, Assembly Planning, A+W Cantor CIM, and site capability have been conceived and realized jointly with customers. And this is the way things should also be in the future, for example, for the reorganization of the glass master data and the glass configurator.

Last but not least, it's this practical approach that has made A+W Cantor such outstanding industry software.

With respect to the topic of Business Intelligence, the A+W Cantor module A+W Analytics met with great interest when it was presented. The integration into the A+W Cantor ERP system is currently being completed and, in accordance with customer requests from the window industry, there will be more information about this provided at Fensterbau Frontale Hall 1 Booth 1-329 from March 21-24, 2018.

On the evening of the first event day, participants and their hosts visited the Gießener Mathematikum, the world's first interactive mathematical museum. Here, according to the museum's motto "mathematics you can touch," visitors can gain interesting and amusing mathematical experience at more than 150 experimental stations. Such evening events are traditionally part of the CBS event.

The participants' feedback was very good: "The Cantor release event provided a clear and wide-ranging view of the future of the software and our cooperation. That's something that many more software companies should provide. Always pleasing is the attention to customer requests and their implementation," says Kai Themanns, IT System Administrator at Fenster Türen Fassaden Hoffmann GmbH & Co. KG.