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"I came back to my old tradition. The software was so functional for me in the past and with all of the latest enhancements it was a "no brainer" for me to go with A+W again!"

Alex Kastaniuk, President & CEO of Triview Glass

Triview Glass Industries, LLC in City Of Industry, CA is a owner driven glass processing company. The company has an annual revenue between 10 - 15$ Million dollars.

Triview Glass Industries produces high quality laminated, insulated, tempered and bended glass for the architectural sector, appliances and, as required, for its sister company LifespaceART in a lot of varieties and combinations. Additionally to the complete range of architectural basic glass sorts, TGI has over 70 styles of patterned glass in various thicknesses on stock.

LifespaceART is a company consisting of experts and pattern designers who draw their inspirations and creations directly on the glass. Because the glass has been tempered, it allows these beautiful patterns on glass to blend with art perfectly in buildings.

To achieve utmost quality and performance, Triview Glass Industries uses high performance equipment and a holistic A+W software solution for their commercial and production processes.


  • Unique product range in cooperation with sister company LifespaceART
  • A+W Business ERP-System for fast and reliable processes in the office
  • A+W Sequence Optimizer for best yield
  • In house tempering and laminating
  • Huge inventory, esp. of patterned glasses

Contact Triview

Triview Glass Industries LLC

711 S. Stimson Ave.
City of Industry
CA 91745

Tel.: +1 626 363 7980


Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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