Piloting Next Generation A+W ERP-Software

"At Thermalsun, all IG-orders are delivered within 48 hours. We require the best available ERP- and production software to offer that unequalled service. After our first glimpse of the new generation A+W Business 5, I am sure it will enable us to work even more efficiently than before. I am impressed with the great ergonomic features the A+W team has implemented in that new system."

Jeff Kloes, founder and Managing Director of Thermalsun

Thermalsun, a PPG Certified Fabricator, is located in picturesque Sonoma County, an hour's drive north of San Francisco. Using the best available machinery and software, the state of the art facility produces the highest quality insulated glass units and tempered glass available in the Bay Area. Additionally, they pride themselves in the belief that a meticulous attention to detail, a drive to fabricate superior products, and unequalled customer service are what set them above the standard.

The order entry via their premium A+W ERP-system, advanced equipment, and high degree of automation eliminate numerous manual assembly steps, those very steps that leave competitors' products vulnerable to order entry mistakes, fingerprints, streaks, and other imperfections.

Dual-sealed units, 10-year warranties, and next-day deliveries for orders placed before noon all demonstrate Thermalsun's commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • Unmatched delivery service
  • Best available software and machinery
  • Premium quality through high degree of automation and meticulous attention to detail

Contact ThermalSun

Thermalsun Glass Products Inc.

3250 Brickway Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Tel.: +1 707 579 9534
Fax.: +1 707 579 9939


Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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