Networked high-tech manufacturing – Toughened safety glass for special applications

"Without a tool like the A+W software, which we also helped develop to some extent, we wouldn't be able to run our door-panel business at all because our previous solution had simply reached its limit."

Heiko Schanze, Managing Director Sollingglas

SOLLINGGLAS is a highly innovative glass processor. With the recent introduction of toughened-safety glass processing, expanded capacity in the grinding and cutting shop, and consistent A+W barcode-based controlling, this highly specialized company is now well positioned for the future. Its top quality, along with the shortest delivery times, the greatest flexibility and uncompromising customer focus, guarantee important long-term competitive advantages for Managing Director Heiko Schanze and his highly motivated team.

The owner-managed company is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of high-quality insulated-glass door panels, which are supplied to front-door producers all over Germany. Its creative designs are manufactured entirely in-house.

In close collaboration with SOLLINGGLAS, software partner A+W has integrated tools for mapping multi-layered insulated glass into its commercial A+W Business solution years ago with a precise graphic representation of the layers and design levels.

The A+W production control connects the entire manufacturing area, including all processing machines and shipping.


  • Leading manufacturer of high-quality IG door panels
  • Comprehensive A+W barcode control – systematic sheet tracking
  • Visualization in manufacturing with A+W production monitors

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Sollingglas Bau und Veredelungs GmbH & Co. KG

Hinter den Höfen 2
37691 Derental (Solling)

Tel.: +49 5273 3760 - 0
Fax.: +49 5273 3760 - 61


Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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A+W Production

Flexibility - Sequence - Waste

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A+W Barcode Manager

Everything under control

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