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Family driven company piloting A+W Business

"With their new A+W Business Suite the developers created a product providing lots of improvements with the ability to boost efficiency in handling our daily business significantly. New features such as multi-dialogue technology, the new editor and the appealing ergonomic user interface of A+W Business help to make internal order processing much easier. Obviously, the new version has been created by some of the best software engineers with a world of experience in the flat glass industry."

Eric Shaw, Vice President of Operations at Solar Seal

Solar Seal is devoted to the design and manufacture of both common and complex glass products. The name Solar Seal is synonymous with quality and service.

The Solar Seal facility contains almost 100,000 square feet of sophisticated glass processing machinery, state-of-the-art software, and human intellect that can turn your project around quickly and accurately. While Solar Seal has grown considerably over the years, the company has maintained its commitment to their customers thanks to the Shaw family, who have managed the Company for many years.

The premium A+W Business software suite at Solar Seal is used for everything from quoting and order entry to production fulfillment and capacity management.

Because the software ties directly into Solar Seal’s production equipment, this package creates company - wide enhancements, including Solar Seal’s ability to track customer’s orders through real time information from the shop floor as well as an enhanced user interface allowing for the elimination of paper processing within the office. Solar Seal’s customers benefit from the timeliness of information and productivity enhancements this software provides.


  • Third generation operated business
  • Comprehensive A+W software suite in office and production
  • Automated cutting for best quality, high throughput and optimum yield
  • Sophisticated glass processing machinery
  • Perfect delivery service through own truck fleet

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Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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