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"Customer service from the Polish A+W team is excellent. Whenever I need help, the boys are there – and they understand their job, not just the IT side but also the processes within the glass industry."

Krzysztof Juszczyk, Project Manager

The strongest Polish IG plant of the Saint-Gobain group delivers its top products to Polish customers as well as to neighboring countries. Top technical know-how, modern production lines, top quality special products, and optimized, software-controlled processes are the hallmark of Glassolutions® Jaroszowiec. Seven affiliated companies all of which are controlled by A+W Software ensure their country-wide presence in Poland and cover the whole range of Saint-Gobain architectural glass.

The whole group works with a networked ALFAK system (A+W Business). The cutting lines are controlled by the A+W Real-time Optimizer, which allows the machine operator to amend the production jobs even after optimization is completed. The production planning and control system ALCIM (A+W Production) controls all processes from cutting to shipping.

Group of companies on the highest level

Through innovative powers, an attractive product and absolute commitment to quality, the Polish Glassolutions® plants rank among the best of the European flat glass industry.



ul. Kolejowa 1
32-312 Jaroszowiec

Tel.: +48 32 649 95 00

Internet: www.glassolutions.de

Press Article

Jaroszowiec, located 50 km north east of Kraków, is a traditional site for the Polish glass industry. Since December 2011, it has been the head office of Glassolutions® Saint-Gobain Polska. This site wasn't chosen at random, of course. Jaroszowiec, the strongest Polish IG plant of the Saint-Gobain group, supplies Poland and the adjoining countries with high-quality IG glass.

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Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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A+W Production

Flexibility - Sequence - Waste

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A+W Realtime Optimizer

Online cutting control

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