Glas Herzog

Online solution in Baden - Direct connection of cutting and IG line

"It has always been my dream to manufacture IG glass online. (...) We already see the results of online manufacturing today. Material flow is much more complete, there is always glass from the washing machine, there are fewer downtimes as no glass is missing. You just have other options, production is much smoother."

Andreas Herzog, CEO Glas Herzog

Since 2003, the South German IG glass manufacturer and glass refiner GLAS HERZOG has been confronted with the problem that lean, cost-effective production processes were not possible with the optimization solution they had in place. The Herzog team realized that a new innovation was necessary.

Glas Herzog was the first A+W customer to deploy the second generation, more highly automated software product DynOpt. For example, the Sort Jet is directly connected to the existing cutting line by means of a pivoting conveyor. This puts the glass sheets in an upright position and the load shuttle moves them to the compartment of the sorter storage, which was computed by DynOpt. From the dynamic buffer storage, the individual sheets are removed with the output shuttle and brought to the IG line directly in the required production sequence.

Only one person is needed to break the Z cuts at the table, supply special glass, and monitor the inlet of the IG glass line. Plus, this worker has ample time to operate the DynOpt monitor without which the constant flow of glass with minimum residual glass would not be possible.


  • Flexible cutting with the simple addition of rush orders, remakes, and special glass
  • Direct connection of the IG line to the sorting buffer via A+W DynOpt
  • Minimization of material input
  • Observance of predefined sequences

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