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"The installation was performed without problems. The A+W consultants have supported and advised us reliably during the implementation phase. I especially appreciate the frequent consulting in case of technical questions, which is provided by our A+W sales consultant Peter Kénesy with plenty of competence and patience."

Gruycho Sabev, Managing Director

Caamaño CZ located near Prague, Czech Repulbic, is a young, fast-growing, flexible company with the ability to supply all of Europe from London to Moscow with float glass.

Caamaño CZ is part of an international holding company headquartered in La Coruña, Spain. The company specializes in float glass processing and installation for the construction and furnishing of shops, store fronts, and shopping malls.

Caamaño set up its business area intentionally in the center of Europe to be able to flexibly act Europe-wide. The 24/7 promise is more than a claim, it's truly a promise. If required, they will work through a weekend to successfully complete a project. A+W Business software allows Gruycho and his team to implement their customer-oriented concept because all commercial and technical parameters of an order are reliably described and are available for fast processing.


  • Highly-flexible European supplier with short delivery times
  • LSG specialist of the highest quality
  • Solid, expert, and fast installation service
  • Clearly-defined business processes with A+W Business

Contact Caamaño CZ

Caamaño CZ International Glass Corporation s.r.o.

U Špejcharu 503
252 67 Tuchoměřice
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 311 321 780


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If you want the complete package, such as aA special glass type, safety glass or insulating glass, of the highest quality production, done fast, reliable processed on request, and includes installation, turn to Caamaño CZ. With Caamaño CZ, you will work with a flexible, customer-oriented partner as well as a favorable price. If you are ready to go in a new direction, please contact Caamaño CZ. Call whenever you like, Caamaño offers its customers a reliable 24/7 service.

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Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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