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"The clever CIM system is an important plus point for A+W Cantor. Where other production systems only show an itinerary sheet on the workplace screen, the employee at the A+W Cantor monitor sees the entire parts list if required – the system has a very flexible design. It has also been impressive with the brilliant adjustable plausibility tests, which is particularly important for us in special construction."

Peter Schmits, IT manager, Reckendrees Bauelemente GmbH

How does a medium-sized manufacturer of building components like Reckendrees Bauelemente GmbH succeed in a market subject to dramatic changes? By being innovative, flexible, and consistently quality-oriented.

The owner-managed company highlights the impressive way that the quite general attributes of "innovation, flexibility, and quality-orientation" can be realized properly in tangible business and product concepts.

It is important for the perfect end product that the correct information is available at the right place and time, whether it is in administration, production, or shipping. At Reckendrees, all processes have been performed with A+W Cantor software since 2009 from quotation to packaging the finished product. The use of the software allows a secure recording both in creating the quotation and processing the order, so the retailers can enter commercially and technically correct positions quickly and easily.

Another advantage for Reckendrees in using A+W Cantor software is the opportunity to be able to represent the entire range of aluminium products in the software as well as the PVC elements. The entering of products from the various systems has been designed specifically designed for a holistically approach, which means that mixed orders, such as PVC windows with aluminium external doors, can easily be entered in an order so that the customer receives only one order confirmation.

At Reckendrees, production has also been fitted throughout with the planning and control system A+W Cantor CIM, which facilitates smooth processes because of its holistic approach in close connection with the ERP system.


  • The retailer software allows more than 800 sales partners secure recording and reliable online transmission to the ERP system in Verl.
  • Apart from the PVC elements, the entire range of aluminium products is also represented in the A+W Cantor software.
  • Complete system without complicated interfaces to third-party software systems.

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