INCON spol. s r.o.

Intelligent networking with A+W CANTOR software

"We are happy that we opted for Cantor in 2007. We consistently use all the modules of the system and perform all tasks apart from bookkeeping and Human Resources with A+W Cantor."

Marek Kráľ, CEO + Company owner, INCON spol. s r.o.

Just 12 months after signing the contract with A+W, all the master data for PVC and aluminium has been entered and INCON is moving online with the new software without any problems.

The retailer order is saved by INCON in the A+W Cantor order record, checked routinely, and confirmed with the exact date of delivery within a few minutes.

By using the latest machine technology and integrated A+W Cantor software system, the team at the Slovakian high-tech company has carefully implemented optimized, lean, and highly transparent processes, which is the basis for uncompromising quality with short delivery times and fair prices. The production flow is constant and disruption-free, which means at INCON, they don't look for components here, they work.


  • More than 90% of the retailers orders are completed using A+W Cantor software
  • Paperless production at INCON means monitors and scanners replace stacks of papers and files
  • The production of aluminium building elements, to some extent the high-end business of INCON, is fully integrated into the A+W Cantor system

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INCON spol. s r.o.
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Tel.: +421 46 519 1230
Fax.: +421 46 519 1221

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Slovakia is one of Germany's most important trading partners in Eastern Europe. When people think of high-tech from Slovakia, they first think about the automotive industry, which manufactures around one million cars a year. However, not only are Kia and VW are high-tech in Slovakia, but so is INCON.

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A+W Cantor Enterprise

Software for Fenestration

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A+W Cantor Production

Planning and controlling

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A+W Cantor Reseller

Selling made easy

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