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Locations, Product Range, and Delivery Times under Control

"A+W Cantor has made our processes much more efficient."

Susanne Gugelfuss-Dannerbauer, Authorized Signatory, Gugelfuss GmbH

Gugelfuss GmbH of Elchingen, Germany, runs a total of four locations and sell front doors and windows made of PVC, wood, and wood/aluminium, as well as aluminium curtain walls. Since 2006, Gugelfuss have been trusting their facility to A+W Cantor window construction software from order processing to the cutting of glass strips, materials management, online connection with dealers, and much more.

The linking of dealers to A+W Cantor software started in 2006. The dealers have online access to a central A+W Cantor dealer version, so the data is guaranteed to be up to date.

With the A+W Cantor dealer version, Gugelfuss partners can create their own orders and transfer them to Gugelfuss by the flick of a switch. Thanks to the A+W Cantor software, the dealer can name a binding price when asked by a customer without checking back, which can make the decision to buy easier.

The share of customer online orders has been constantly increasing and is currently around 40–45%. The necessary safety in entering the windows is guaranteed by the feasibility check. If action is called for, the user will be alerted of this fact by easy-to-understand "construction signs".

Orders entered by the dealers this way can be passed to production after just a brief check. Through to A+W Cantor software, these orders do not have to be entered again by Gugelfuss.


  • The share of online customer orders was able to be continuously increased.
  • Dealers have access to a central online database so that data is always up to date and updated security is ensured.
  • Orders do not have to be entered by item, A+W Cantor sorts these in the background and directly distributes them to the corresponding plants.
  • Order handling is usually done online with most suppliers, most frequently with the standard format openTrans.

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Gugelfuss GmbH
Glockeraustraße 18 - 20
89275 Elchingen

Tel.: +49 7308 815-0
Fax.: +49 7308 815-44
E-Mail: info(at) 

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A+W Cantor Reseller

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