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Management Team, Durabuilt Windows & Doors

Customer demand requires even faster response times, better service and the highest quality at the lowest prices.

Smaller profit margins, increased competition and a weak real estate market are all hurdles facing companies with a vision of growth. What can a company do to clear these hurdles and strengthen their market position?

Durabuilt from Edmonton (Canada) stood in front of these challenges 6 years ago. They were forced to look at and optimize their processes to cement their market position in Canada.

The key was the implementation of a new integrated ERP and PPS system to fit the high standards of quality and service which Durabuilt prides itself on.

Even though the market demands in Canada are very different to Europe, A+W Cantor provided all the functionality and control to allow Durabuilt grow in this ever demanding market place.

Thanks to the intelligence of A+W Cantor developed for the industry by industry experts – even the most complex of grill patterns can be easily calculated during order entry without the requirement for technical specialists.


  • Easy calculation of complex grill patterns
  • Integrated control and optimization of high-tech machines
  • Monitors in the production – paperless production
  • Increased efficiencies, reduces costs – increased profit margin

Contact Durabuilt

Durabuilt Windows & Doors Inc.
10920 178th St NW
Edmonton, AB T5S 1R7
Alberta Canada

Tel.: +1 780 455-0440
Fax.: +1 780 455-5775
E-Mail: information(at)durabuiltwindows.com
Internet: www.durabuiltwindows.com 

Software used:

A+W Cantor Enterprise

Software for Fenestration

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A+W Cantor Production

Planning and controlling

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A+W Cantor Reseller

Selling made easy

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