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Management Team, Durabuilt Windows & Doors

Customer demand requires even faster response times, better service, and the highest quality at the lowest price.

Smaller profit margins, increased competition, and a weak real estate market are all hurdles facing companies with a vision of growth. What can a company do to clear these hurdles and strengthen their market position?

Durabuilt from Edmonton, Canada, faced these challenges 6 years ago. They were forced to look at and optimize their processes to cement their market position in Canada.

The key was the implementation of a new integrated ERP- and PPS-system to fit the high standards of quality and service, which Durabuilt prides itself on.

Even though the market demands in Canada are very different from Europe, A+W Cantor provided all the functionality and control to allow Durabuilt to grow in this ever demanding market place.

Thanks to the intelligence of A+W Cantor developed for the industry by industry experts, even the most complex of grill patterns can be easily calculated during order entry without the requirement for technical specialists.


  • Easy calculation of complex grill patterns
  • Integrated control and optimization of high-tech machines
  • Monitors used instead of paper in the production process
  • Increased efficiencies, reduces costs and thus increases profit margins

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Durabuilt Windows & Doors Inc.
10920 178th St NW
Edmonton, AB T5S 1R7
Alberta Canada

Tel.: +1 780 455-0440
Fax.: +1 780 455-5775
E-Mail: information(at)durabuiltwindows.com
Internet: www.durabuiltwindows.com 

Software used:

A+W Cantor Enterprise

Software for Fenestration

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A+W Cantor Production

Planning and controlling

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A+W Cantor Reseller

Selling made easy

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