A+W DynOpt

The Best Yield Possible

The highest and best form of automation and the best optimization possible offers you the combined advantages of a chaotic optimizer (perfect yield) and a strict production sequence. We will automize your whole production line and generate a continues glass flow.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Automatic linking and mixing of cutting jobs
  • Automatic & flexible input of residual plates and stock sheets
  • Dynamic and flexible change of glass types and stock sizes
  • Controls automatic gantry system
  • Controls residual stock (e.g. Hegla Remaster)
  • Fully automated optimization, cutting and sorting
  • Optimum yield in connection with the required production sequence
  • Permanent flow of material – endless optimization – endless glass stream
  • Permanent re-optimization
  • Minimum manual work through a maximum of automation
  • Reduced risk of breakages -> quality improvement
  • No limit with regard to the batch size (from the individual sheet to daily production)
  • Controlled output onto one or more harp racks, or directly to one or more IG lines
  • Synchronization of multiple cutting tables -> allows to cut and break multiple glass types at the same time
  • Own, high-end optimization core -> no big / space consuming sorting system needed
  • Automatic remakes in case of breakages (remake concept needed)
  • Rush lites / rush orders are cut with higher priority
  • Residual plates are used for optimization with a higher ranking

System Info

Single site, 2-tier, possible on Terminal Server, connected to A+W Production
Operating System:
MS Windows
Data Base:
SQL Server or Informix
Crystal Reports in Production System (A+W Production)
Additional hardware needed, but possible (e.g. HEGLA SortJet and BYSTRONIC first’sort)

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