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Management Team
Here you can see the Executive Management Team of A+W Software GmbH, headquartered in Pohlheim, Germany, as well as their professional careers.
A+W cooperates worldwide with a closely knit network of experts & offers the best possible service & innovative solutions as a partner to satisfy customers.
The A+W history starts in 1977 with the development of innovative solutions for the glass&fenestration industry to the market leader for ERP & PPS software.


Flachglas Schweiz
With high-tech insulated glass and extensive expertise in façade construction, FLACHGLAS SCHWEIZ is the leading supplier of building glass in Switzerland.
Euroview-CEO Steve Larvin is familiar with A+W's software down to the smallest details and he knows to use it optimally.
Osby Glas
When the focus is on software-driven technologies, it is well-known that the best is only just good enough for the Swedes.
Glas Schöninger
Der Glasveredler und Isolierglashersteller Glas Schöninger investiert konsequent in modernste Software- und Fertigungstechnologie. Schöninger verbessert damit Produktivität und Effizienz in der gesamten Produktion und erweitert sein Produktportfolio im Bereich hochwertig veredelter Gläser.
Spiegel Thomas
With a fascinating business model, the owner-operated company Spiegel Thomas has redefined the production and delivery of high-quality interior glass.
Solar Seal
Teutemacher Glas
The company Teutemacher Glas is a medium sized state-of-the-art glass company with 80 employees. Teutemacher’s product line is broad and intelligently designed. The company sees trends early, and implements new capabilities with a sense of proportion.
Express Toughening
Cooling Brothers
Float Glass Industries
Glas Fandel
Glas Fritz
Glas Herzog
Glas Herzog is known in the industry as a reliable, innovative insulated glass partner that always delivers in top quality.
Klaes Jansson

Löwe Fenster
With a software-controlled high-tech production, Löwe Fenster in Kleinwallstadt produces innovative, secure, and high-quality windows and doors.
Good ideas are a great thing. However, life gets really exciting when they are implemented constantly and consistently.
Constant innovation with top technology, premium software, and well-qualified employees are the prerequisites for competitive products.
Value Windows & Doors
Value Windows & Doors trusts the accuracy of product data in A+W iQuote online dealer software, eliminating errors and the need for customer to confirm
dtH Tiemann
al bohn & Sinsheimer Glas
Schmidt GmbH
Schmidt Boke GmbH has modernized & expanded the entire company. In the process, the machinery was continuously networked with the A+W Cantor software.



A+W software is the complete, end-to-end networked solution for faster delivery for glass in the sector of architecture while maintaining high quality.
The A+W software controls the entire production of furniture & industrial glass & ensures a seamless interaction of ordering software & machine technology.
A+W software improves your quality & cycle time in automotive glass production by directly transferring technical drawings into the machine for processing.
Windows, Doors, Sectional Doors
A+W Cantor is the most complete software solution for market-specific production & administration requirements of windows & doors manufacturers.
Shading Systems & Roller Shutters
A+W Cantor is the software solution for market-specific requirements of production & administration of manufacturers of shading & shutters.
A+W Cantor offers fenestration software for manufacturers of windows, doors, gates & sun protection systems to integrate reseller & manufacturers.


A+W Clarity
A+W solutions control and optimize the whole value chain, from basic glass to finished windows or curtain wall elements. A+W products are suitable for small
A+W Clarity Add-ons
The products' modular structure allows for the need-based enhancement of your software environment. Web-based concepts make our products fit for the future.
A+W Clarity Standalone
Unlike the extensions for the A+W base products these systems can be operated in any software environment. Assemble the individual solution for your company that fits your needs.
A+W Cantor
A+W Cantor is the comprehensive software solution for the market-specific requirements of fenestration, roller shutter, insect screen manufacturers.
A+W Cantor Add-ons
Unlike the extensions for the A+W base products these systems can be operated in any software environment. Assemble the individual solution for your company that fits your needs.

A+W Enterprise
A+W Enterprise is a fully integrated ERP system for corporate groups and upper medium-sized companies in the flat glass processing industry.
A+W Business
A+W Business is a complete ERP system for small and medium-sized companies in the flat glass industry.
A+W Business Pro
A+W Business Pro, the professional and cost-effective ERP solution for small and medium-sized glass production companies in the flat glass industry.
A+W iCut
A+W iCut automates the most used functions in office, warehouse & cutting. A+W iCut enters orders, manages the storage & optimizes the cutting.
A+W Production
Extremely flexible PPS solution for complete rough and detailed scheduling for insulated glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass production.
A+W SmartFactory
A+W SmartFactory is the top-level production system that coordinates the process flows for an optimized glass flow and a smooth communication.