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How Teutemacher Glas maximizes value creation

"Project implementation was usually more complicated than we would have thought, but everything always went well in the end (…) I don't know of any better optimization solutions."

Carl Pinnekamp, Managing Director Teutemacher Glas

The company Teutemacher Glas is a medium sized state-of-the-art glass company with 80 employees. Teutemacher’s product line is broad and intelligently designed. The company sees trends early, and implements new capabilities with a sense of proportion. Teutemacher Glas integrated metal construction more than twenty years ago.

The modern toughening furnace is utilized for top-quality tempered and insulated glass, but also for difficult-to-manufacture interior solutions and showcase construction. The focus is on premium products, produced with consistent quality and minimal tolerances.

All processes from quotation and production to shipping are controlled by an integrated A+W software system.

For cutting control, Teutemacher relies on a modern sorting system that, controlled by A+W DynOpt, brings the sheets into the desired sequence at maximum yield and forwards them to the following processing machinery. The integration of the space-saving ReMaster residual plate storage system, which is also controlled by A+W optimization software, guarantees optimum material utilisation.

This solution package was subsidized by the European Fund for Regional Development because it's so efficient.


  • Wide, market-driven product range -
  • Integrated enterprise networking with A+W Clarity Software
  • Fully automated controlled cutting - desired sequence for every processing machine with minimal waste
  • ‘Green production' through intelligent energy management and optimum material utilisa-tion
  • Efficient machine control through intelligent A+W interfaces

Contact Teutemacher

Teutemacher Glas GmbH

Südstrasse 1-3
48231 Warendorf

Tel.: +49 2581 9333 0
Fax. +49 2581 9333 32

E-mail: postbox@remove-this.teutemacher.de
Internet: www.teutemacher.de

Press Article

The industry has recognized Teutemacher's expertise for decades. And with good reason, for this glass refiner and insulated glass manufacturer is clearly doing everything right.

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Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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A+W Production

Flexibility - Sequence - Waste

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A+W DynOpt

The best yield possible

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A+W Realtime Optimizer

Online cutting control

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