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"Our old order entry system was too much tailored to the needs of pure IG producers. A+W's software system A+W Business enables us to create every product right from scratch thanks to the bill of material concept. Every shape, every element, and every single processing step can be entered – before, we often had to do this by hand, on a sheet of paper!"

Yannick Leroi, Managing Director of Lerobel

Lerobel produce and supply high-class architectural glass for facades, windows, and glass door systems as well as products for interior design like showers, stairs, door, and glass partitions. Lerobel is also a knowledgeable and well-equipped partner for glass fitters.

Enormous processing complexity

High-class glass products involve numerous processing steps. One of the strongest points of the glass processors from Hasselt is that nearly all those steps are performed and assembled in-house, by experienced specialists and by Lerobel's strict quality assurance rules. Toughened glass or single annealed as part of a laminated sheet? All this combined in an IG unit? Or with a couple of drill holes, corner cut-outs, and perfect edgework as part of an all-glass door system? No problem for Lerobel – Yannick Leroi and his team have chosen the right 'digital backbone‘, an integrated software solution made by A+W.

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Hellebeemden 10
3500 Hasselt

Tel.: +32 11 28 68 28
Fax.: +32 11 28 68 05

E-Mail: info@remove-this.lerobel.be 
Internet www.lerobel.be 

Press Article

There are those architectural glass products – and always have been – that not every glass processor can produce and supply. Glass elements beyond the main stream for which architects, curtain walling constructors, interior designers, and manufacturers of exquisite glass/metal constructions have got their own, very special addresses.

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Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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A+W Production

Flexibility - Sequence - Waste

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A+W Realtime Optimizer

Online cutting control

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