Glas Fandel

Huge investment in a Fully Automated IG Production

"A+W came with excellent staff who has made the cooperation really easy. This means that our requirements, even those emerging in the course of the project, were quickly adopted and quickly implemented by A+W."

Dipl. -Inform. (FH) Peter Pawlowski, IT Manager of Glas Fandel

Under the trade name Termo-Bit, Glas Fandel produce up to 5000 IG units a day on six production lines. Since 2010, the company runs one of the most modern IG production lines world-wide. A+W DynOpt 2.0 controls the highly automated cutting environment which, in addition to the Remaster technology, includes a HEGLA SortJet sorting buffer integrated in the production line.

The energy consumption has been reduced by more than 45%, and the CO2 emission was also reduced considerably. According to Guido Schwarz, the overall balance of investments is very satisfactory. The yield has been maximized and the waste considerably reduced in connection with huge energy savings and an increase of output.


  • Fast order entry with A+W Business (ALFAK)
  • DynOpt 2.0 offers 93% yield for high volume glass types
  • 45% energy savings (assessed by independent experts)
  • Integrated communication of all production elements on the shop floor (cutting + IG line)
  • Realtime reactions in case of a change of production sequence or other incidents

Contact Glas Fandel

Glas Fandel GmbH & Co. KG

Saarstraße 26
54634 Bitburg

Tel.: +49 (0) 6561 6008-0
Fax.: +49 (0) 6561 6008-48


Press Article

From its foundation in 1935 until today, Fandel has progressed to one of the leading IG manufacturers in Europe, producing up to 5000 high-tech IG units a day on its six production lines, with more than 200 employees.

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Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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A+W DynOpt

The best yield possible

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