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"FAKRO history shows that for 25 years one of our main themes is innovation. Continuously, we improve our products and we create new, technologically advanced solutions. Thanks to this we can meet the highest needs of our customers. On daily basis, innovative solutions allow us to optimize costs, time and energy, what increases the efficiency and quality of work. It is no accident that the slogan of this year's FAKRO jubilee is "25 years of innovation.""

Adam Balawejder, Plant Director, Insulating Glass Production

FAKRO is a private company established in Poland in 1991. The company is the most dynamic and fastest growing roof window manufacturer in the world. In the 25 years from a small family company, FAKRO has developed into an international corporation achieving the position of vice-leader in the global market of roof windows. The company aims to supply the highest quality products to satisfy the requirements of their customers all over the world. So, they place the highest priority on health and safety, security and the environmental impact of their products.In order to achieve optimized business and production processes, best product quality, reduced working costs and short delivery times, FAKRO trusts in a networked commercial and technical A+W Software system based on A+W Business and A+W Production. We asked Adam Balawejder, Plant Director Insulating Glass Production at Fakro, what he considers the most remarkable benefits Fakro gets by using the A+W-Software system.

"The software module A+W Business helps us to support our customers in working faster, more target-oriented and generally more productive”, says Adam. "Automation provided by A+W Production improves our production and delivery processes, makes them faster and slimmer saving production time and money. Planning processes gets fast and transparent. Every order is entered only once in the system, and then available in every part of the company, at every machine.

Using the sophisticated A+W barcoding system together with the production terminals, we have every info about every sheet of glass in production process, the whereabouts, the processing details etc. Barcoding saves paperwork. Every info is stored on the barcode label and can be visualized on the A+W Production Terminals. Almost no production papers are needed. Breakage is handed easily, getting it by barcode reading into the breakage-pool, where it is re-produced in time to go with the same order; no incomplete orders.

Last but not least, we greatly appreciate the A+W service and consulting and their great knowledge and experience with both software and glass business. The response times are great – they always help us very fast and efficiently!”

Contact FAKRO

FAKRO Dachfenster GmbH

Plathnerstr. 5a
30175 Hannover

Tel.: +49 (0) 511 260 967 0
Fax. +49 (0) 511 260 967 16

E-mail: fakro@remove-this.fakro.de
Internet: www.fakro.de 

Software used:

A+W Business

The ERP solution

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A+W Production

Flexibility - Sequence - Waste

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A+W Barcode Manager

Everything under control

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A+W Production Terminal

Paperless production

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