JOMÜ Fenster- und Elementebau GmbH

Full-range Supplier near the Border to Luxembourg

"With this software change, we have gained complete transparency and control of our production planning. The software helps us in all areas – from initial quotation to final invoicing."

Alexander Müller, CEO, JOMÜ Fenster- und Elementbau

Close to the border to Luxembourg, the team of JOMÜ Fenster- und Elementebau GmbH produces windows and doors made from wood, wood/aluminium, and PVC.

To complement their product range and extend their capacities, JOMÜ has bought a Biesse CNC gantry unit. Even in times when orders come thick and fast, JOMÜ can keep delivery times of 4-6 weeks. Together with the CNC unit, JOMÜ have also implemented A+W Cantor as their new business software.

Step by Step with A+W Cantor

First, the A+W Cantor ERP system and the A+W Cantor tools for production planning and control were implemented in PVC window production. PVC production went live after a brief project phase as the PVC profile master data were provided by A+W Cantor data service as a master data setup.

Wood master data were entered by JOMÜ and A+W together in the course of the project. This took a trifle longer than the master data for PVC production but Cantor does not require the input of all sorts of variants - the variant configurator can be used to define and assign rules.

After the short project phase, both production lines are successfully run by A+W Cantor Software.


  • About 450 dealers handle their ordering processes with the A+W Cantor dealer solution, which are then directly forwarded to Production
  • Direct online conformation gives dealer customers optimum planning security

Contact JOMÜ

JOMÜ Fenster- und Elementebau GmbH
Gottbillstraße 31
54294 Trier

Tel.: +49 651 82844 0
Fax.: +49 651 82844 22

Software used:

A+W Cantor Enterprise

Software for Fenestration

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A+W Cantor Production

Planning and controlling

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A+W Cantor Reseller

Selling made easy

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