Ein Barcode.

A+W Barcode Manager

Brief bar code reading – long-term effects

The A+W Barcode Manager comes both as a professional add-on for A+W Production as well as an entry-level solution for A+W Business and/or A+W Business Pro.

With fully-integrated barcode reading by A+W in connection with state-of-the-art Microsoft Windows CE scanners, you can now make bookings immediately and wirelessly. Here, all scans are entered directly into the database and the user receives immediate feedback about whether the data entry was successful.

The readings initiate processing steps and/ or are booked as completed, for example, stocks and machine capacities are updated, breakage entered, so that they can be reproduced in a timely manner. This is how you can create a good and broad data basis for evaluations and the estimation of the current situation and future possibilities based on this data.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Status and location bookings per user, station / machine, rack, item & sheet
  • Machine control and process triggering based on barcode readings
  • Automatic reject handling (in case of connection with remake management)
  • Statistical evaluations based on barcode readings (e.g. by using Crystal Reports or QLIK)
  • Quality improvements based on breakage bookings
  • Capacity updates based on barcode readings
  • Printout of labels by A+W Production
  • Flexible label design thanks to CR
  • Centralized display of status information based on barcode readings by extension A+W Production Monitor and/or A+W Production Terminals

A+W Barcode Manager is available for:

A+W Business

A woman wearing a headset smiles at the camera.

A+W Business Pro

A man stands in front of a work table and cuts the glass pane.

A+W Production

A man stands in front of a monitor in the production hall, using A+W Production software to control the cutting of the glass sheets.

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