A+W Business Pro

Integrated Production Control

A+W Business Pro is a professional and cost-effective entry-level solution for small and medium-sized companies. The process from quotation to dispatch has never been easier!

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Functionalities & Benefits

  • Fully integrated commercial & production system
  • Wizard function for quick production release
  • Possibility for more detailed and optimized planning with expert mode
  • Easy and quick output of production papers and NC code for cutting tables, IG lines, and benders
  • Combination of B.O.M. items in production batches (multi-step-production)
  • Integrated rack allocation after cutting
  • Selection, reservation and booking of stock plates
  • Cutting optimization per batch and glass type based on the latest algorithms
  • Predefined production lists and labels
  • Machine connectors for cutting tables, benders and IG lines
  • Job completion for optimizations
  • correct inventory thanks to reports from production
  • Lot of add-ons: possibility to grow

System Info

Single site, 2-tier, possible on Terminal Server
Operating System:
MS Windows
Data Base:
SQL Server
Crystal Reports (easy and quick reports and analyses)
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Integrated Modules & Business Processes

The Sales Module helps you to manage all documents and processes related to an order – including down payments, partial shipments and complaints.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Graphical order entry
  • Up to 999 items per order – no single variety orders needed
  • BOM concept offers full control on every level of an item / a product
  • EDI import and export of orders (e.g. to other sites)
  • Definition of supply conditions and prices
  • Extensive functions to copy documents
  • Different ways of terms and pricing (eg. Standard, customers, groups)
  • Supplier statistics
  • Creation, dispatch and saving of declaration of performances (european product regulation law)

The Purchase Module helps you to manage your processes - from order - to purchase order – edi transfer - via receipt of goods - up to incoming control.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Generation of purchase orders from orders for P.O. parts / items (automatically / manually)
  • Generation of supplier inquiries
  • Definition of supply conditions and prices
  • Receipt of goods booking
  • Missing quantities control
  • Delivery date control
  • Invoice control
  • Supplier statistics
  • EDI import and export of P.O.s

A+W Business Pro Stock Management allows you to manage different jumbo sizes, stock sizes, residue plates, cases, glass doors, fittings, frame parts and accessories, such as mountings, sealing tape, etc.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Future stock on hand and Stock Forecast
  • Stock bookings & stock movements
  • Strong interconnection with Purchasing and Goods Receipt
  • Valuation of stock based on weighted moving average
  • stock management and control for main stock components and material
  • Possibility to proceed booking during inventory (based on mirrored stock procedure for inventory)
  • Stock management for homogeneous cases (one size, contains all the same products)
  • Stock orders (filler)
  • Stock history

The Georgian Bar Entry gives you the possibility to design grill patterns for the 1st and 2nd cavity.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Integrated CAD Designer for manual, order based grill pattern design
  • Quality improvement based on graphical display
  • Field- or drill hole symetrical construction
  • Colors and variants possible

The Shape & Process Entry gives you the possibility to design shaped items and to import and export technical drawings (TOE).

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Integrated CAD Designer for manual, order based shape design
  • Technical Order Entry for complex items based on templates and macros
  • Quality improvement based on graphical display and zoom functionality
  • Extension of your product-specific shape catalog by free constructions with A+W CAD Designer (Shapes)
  • Templates can be defined with fixed or variable parameters.
  • Automatic construction of technical drawings to support all necessary commercial documentation (orders, production paperwork, delivery notes, etc.) and control machinery
  • Efficient data compilation and processing, made possible by the separation of fixed and variable dimensioning
  • Instant availability of all data for subsequent optimization and production control, including optional machine control

A+W Business Pro provides various possibilities to control the system and the processes and modules within. As well you will get information about single documents (e.g. based on forecasts and history-tables).

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Price recorder
  • Order / P.O. history
  • Production feedback & overview
  • Management of user rights
  • Workflow and status management
  • Check for doubled documents
  • Future stock on hand
  • Cost calculation

The Statistic Module provides the management all needed information to get an overview of the commercial progress and it`s an important instrument for analyzing the company.

Functionalities and Benefits

  • Volume & consumption statistics
  • Turnover statistics
  • Group statistics
  • TOP 10 statistics
  • Supplier statistics
  • Delivery statistics (DIFOT: own & supplier)
  • Possibility of customized reports based on Crystal Reports
  • Deep and customized pivot statistics thanks to the possibility to export to MS Excel

The Produktion Manager offers the possibility to optimize and release the imported orders very fast and automated (Standard Mode) or to create production jobs and optimize them with human sensitivity (Expert Mode).

Standard Mode

  • Automatic import and job creation based on Number Manager
  • Quick selection of rack organization and depth tolerances
  • Selection of required production papers
  • Manual fine tuning of optimization parameters, stock sizes …
  • Manual selection of best optimization

Expert Mode

  • Fine tuned user defined jobs
  • Job oriented optimization
  • Manual editing of cutting pattern
  • Manual release of production jobs

Extensions for A+W Business Pro

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