A+W Clarity Standalone Solutions

Most of the "smaller" A+W programs can only be operated together with the "larger" basic solutions. For instance, in order to acquire and run the A+W Rack Manager, you need the program A+W Business. This is why you will find these programs with the "mother systems". They are modules or extensions of these systems. Some programs however can also be run independently from other programs. These software solutions are dealt with here in the section "Standalone solutions"

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A+W CAD Designer Architecture

A+W CAD Designer enables you to record and construct free shapes and digitalize templates for glass processing and a powerful Georgian bar construction program.

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A+W CAD Designer Automotive

A+W CAD Designer Automotive particularly supports the requirements resulting from the production conditions of automotive glass. Special digitizing methods allow swift digitizing of templates. Peculiarities of different line layouts are taken into account.

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