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A+W’s product range includes different solutions for the requirements of the glass industry. Our solutions control the entire process, from order entry via dynamic cutting optimization an production management, up to the optimized direct packing of sheets.

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A+W Business Pro

Integrated Production Control

A+W Business Pro is a professional and cost-effective entry-level solution for small and medium-sized companies. The process from quotation to dispatch has never been easier!

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A+W Business

Clearer, simpler, more intelligent.

A+W Business is a new-generation ERP system for the flat glass industry. Quotations, order processing, purchasing, shipping and invoicing have never been easier!

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A+W Enterprise

The group solution.

A+W Enterprise is an integrated, database-based overall ERP solution for the flat glass industry. The system is designed for groups of companies and upper-middle class companies with several subsidiaries, and is being used by major players in the flat glass industry world-wide.

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A+W Production

Flexibility - Sequence - Waste:
It is up to you to decide and control!

A+W Production is a highly flexible PPS solution for IG-, toughened glass-, laminated glass-, and multi-stepped production. The system allows to plan and control even highly sophisticated, multi-stepped production processes.

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