A+W Cantor Production

Planning and controlling made easy.

Organize your production more efficiently with A+W Cantor Production. Just-in-Time planning supports you in always working to schedule and according to requirements so that you always maintain an overview.

A+W Cantor Production

A+W Cantor creates transparency in your company – continuously through to your production incl. shipping as well as service and installation planning. You always maintain an overview and work to schedule and according to requirements. You can display the current status of the order for example. This means that you can give your customers direct information and save searching for paper files in production, which takes time.

Integrated Modules & Business Processes

  • Taking into account production capacities and the required materials, you can provide your customers with an exact delivery date when you confirm their orders.
  • The just-in-time planning calculates the date for upcoming tasks for all steps in all departments.
  • Form your production batches flexibly in order to optimize the capacity of your lines.
  • With cut optimization, you save material and money.
  • Whether labels or work sheets, you can call up all production-relevant information directly.
  • A+W Cantor controls your machines.
  • Save time with a more efficient production process – with no searching for materials or elements.
  • The flexible monitor display means that every screen can be adjusted individually to the needs of the workplace.
  • The digital work sheet is always available, so there are no errors due to out-of-date documents.
  • Thanks to the continuous use of barcodes, the material and elements in production can be traced in real time.
  • With the A+W Cantor tools, you can create your personal production cockpit.
  • Plant-specific production control is integrated.
  • Even during production planning, you can consider the sequence for loading the shipping frame.
  • Pick lists include information about where the products that you manufacture and all accessories are stored and ensure that each truck will leave the premises without forgetting anything.
  • Truck capacities, order weights, cargo areas of units and preferred delivery days for an area are factored in during the delivery route planning.
  • A+W Cantor offers warehouse organization for finished elements, accessories, and purchased parts with storage space management.
  • When creating the order, a plan is created automatically, in which production scheduling is taken into account.
  • This way, your department has a complete overview of which orders have to be planned.
  • The plan automatically includes the time and installation materials required for the order.
  • Geographic criteria can be considered when assigning the team.
  • Dates can be transferred automatically into installation employees' Outlook calendars.
  • Incorporation of OpenStreetMap offers geographic support by visualizing all delivery locations.
  • Planned and actual times can be compared in order to create statistical evaluations.

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