Expanded order communication via Webshop

A+W Cantor relies on smart partner networks

Since the successful market introduction of the A+W iQuote Webshop, there is a clear trend in the construction element industry toward ordering via the Internet. This tendency was confirmed once more at BAU in Munich, where A+W Cantor presented its expanded A+W iQuote with exciting new functions.

A+W iQuote now also with external configurators

In past years, A+W Cantor had already integrated suppliers' external online configurators into its ERP and dealer software. The aha experience for visitors to A+W's booth at BAU, however, was that the online configurators of adeco, OBUK, Rodenberg, ROMA, and Warema are now also integrated into A+W iQuote. If a dealer enters an exterior door online using A+W iQuote, he can call up the appropriate configurator directly and order the desired insert there; it is then displayed correctly in the graphic. Or roller shades for a window.

Furthermore, now it is also possible to integrate A+W iQuote into other window construction programs and thus to use all advantages of the A+W Webshop in the third-party software.

A+W Cantor at BAU 2019: lively interest in the new functions of the A+W iQuote Webshop

A door insert is required: the A+W iQuote user selects the supplier's online configurator with a mouse-click.

Webshop online without duplicate database

In the window industry, to use a Web configurators, generally a second database is required and customer orders are reentered at the manufacturer. This is not the case with A+W iQuote – the user works directly using the producer's master data!

This way, dealers and sales employees can use A+W iQuote to enter both standard elements and complex configurations quickly and easily. As soon as an order has been placed via A+W iQuote, it is visible in the producer's A+W Cantor system and it can be scheduled for production without any additional work. The price is calculated and displayed, technical restrictions considered – up-to-date in every case. This speeds up the ordering of accessories and makes it more accurate as well.

A+W has implemented all of this on a refreshingly easy-to-operate user interface, which was developed with an eye to touch screens, tablets, and mobile end user devices.

"Our customers cannot make any more mistakes with A+W iQuote. The entire order runs through a restriction check based on our master data. We get a complete, technically correct order; questions and long-winded clarifications on the telephone are no longer required. This makes for greater efficiency in the entire order process."

Wolfgang Neutatz, Managing Director of the sun blind producer and A+W iQuote user Schlotterer

Partner communication in the Internet of Things

Here we are experiencing an aspect of Industry 4.0 that is frequently not given enough attention. For in a "smart factory," the concern is not just intelligent production, but also smart communication between market partners.

The Web order with incorporation of the external online configurators makes the entire value-creation chain more dynamic. Order processes for which hours or even days had to be calculated before receipt of the order confirmation can now be completed within minutes – including transfer to production! The entire BOM with all technical details and information for production planning and control is available just-in-time in production. The orders are produced more quickly, delivery times get shorter – and end customers rejoice!

Neuer Call-to-Action

Are you annoyed by buzzwords such as "digitization" and "Industry 4.0"? That's understandable, but there are a lot of completely new possibilities for your success on the market lurking here.

Clever software providers demonstrated at BAU how you can use the new digital tools to work faster, easier, and more reliably and therefore offer your customers even better service.