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Holistic System - Dynamic Processes

Even before the start of BAU 2019, one trend at this trade fair can be clearly seen: Innovative building element manufacturers increasingly rely on digitized processes and web-based communication in the entire business process. This leads to enormous dynamisation, faster throughput times and shorter delivery times.

A+W reacted to this trend at an early stage. Many companies already order from their producers via the A+W iQuote webshop.

Pioneers are the Berlin window manufacturer ISOGON and the Salzburg sun protection specialist SCHLOTTERER, who actively distribute the webshop to their customers. Martin Harold, head of IT at SCHLOTTERER, explains the most important advantages:

"Current master data of the producer system are automatically provided in the B2B webshop and per-manently updated. The entire assortment available for the respective customer, including all variants, is available on a daily basis for entering quotations and orders and subsequently for order processing. The configuration is supported in such a way that only technically feasible variants can be entered.

When the orders are entered in the webshop, the customer already receives information about the earliest possible delivery date, adjusted to the products contained in the order, the desired delivery (dpd or truck) and the delivery area.

Immediately after submitting the order in the webshop, the order is transferred to the producer sys-tem without any further intervention and, after a commercial and technical check, the scheduling is carried out."

Order processes for which hours or even days used to be estimated before the order confirmation was received are therefore handled within minutes - including transfer to production! The entire bill of matewrials with all technical details and information for product planning and control is available just in time in production.

A similar dynamization is currently taking place in various software systems in the delivery process: As soon as the customer has confirmed the correct delivery to the driver by signing on the smartphone, this is known in the ERP system. Billing is triggered immediately. Again time and money are saved.

Consistency - "From Quote to Cash"

One of the most important strengths of A+W Cantor is its holistic approach, which is further enhanced by the new web-based processes. In A+W Cantor, the business process is mapped throughout: from the preparation of quotations, order entry including credit limit checks, purchasing and materials man-agement, through production and delivery to service and assembly planning and invoicing. Complete order processing can be carried out almost paperless using the integrated document archive.

... and here's a statement from Berlin:

"Our partners can now order their windows online, even from the sofa. These orders automatically enter our ERP system and can be processed without further friction losses. Redesigning widget-capture and providing the end-user with a user interface that makes it a lot easier to capture a window is a trend-setting development that is right at the top of our agenda. Thanks to the close cooperation with the A+W Cantor team and the contribution of new ideas, the A+W iQuote project at ISOGON is progressing successfully."

Neco Tiglioglu, IT Manager ISOGON Window Systems

Are you interested in optimized web-based processes and integrated business process support through the holistic A+W Cantor industry software?

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