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A+W iCut – Compact Digitalization: Optimize cutting – Edit orders – Manage storage

A+W iCut is a compact solution for IG- manufacturers and glass processors that is integrated into commercial programs with a state-of-the-art cutting…

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A+W Sponsorship for Beehives: Bees help us – so now we're helping the bees

The bees are threatened by modern agriculture and increasing drought. The beekeepers are grateful for help. The A+W company has taken over the…

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FOG Software Group Announces Acquisition of Quadrature S.A.

16 July 2020 – (Pohlheim, Germany) – FOG Software Group (“FOG”), a division of Vela Software, and Constellation Software, Inc. [TSX: CSU] today…

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A+W Residual Stock Manager: Manage residual plates manually with intelligent software

With a new software, A+W enables the manual management of residual plates with best yield. An investment in mechanical systems is not necessary! The…

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GLASWELT Interview with Alfred Cortisse

The Corona crisis has shown us just how critical software that works well is for producing companies. GLASWELT interviewed Alfred Cortisse of A+W…

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A+W Analytics (powered by QLIK®): Transform data into insights that are worth some money!

With the business intelligence software A+W Analytics (powered by QLIK®), you can combine data from a wide variety of sources, analyze it in different…

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Industry 4.0 begins in the office: Flat glass webshop A+W iQuote wins over customers around the world

Innovative companies in the glass and window industry are increasingly providing online ordering portals for their customers – customer communication…

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Industry 4.0: Digitalizing Shipping and Delivery

The customer measures his supplier by the quality of the delivery process. With modern logistics software and a clever delivery app, A+W provides…

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BarteltGLASBerlin: Craftsmanship – innovative techniques

BarteltGLASBerlin is a family-owned company, a glass finisher that develops exciting products for the future based on traditional values. A company…

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A+W Cantor DMS - powered by DocuWare

Has manual document management in your company become a time and cost sink? Digitize the filing and retrieval of documents with the help of the…

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